Friday, 26 February 2010

Brunei Shutters Programme 2010

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(Above) Photo submitted for entering Semi-Finals.
Location : OGDC
(Above) 1st photo submitted for Finals.
Location : Kg. Melilas
(Above) 2nd photo submitted for Finals.
Location : Kg. Melilas
(Above) 3rd photo submitted for Finals.
Location : Kg. Melilas
(Above) Brunei Shutters Semi-Final Participants Group Photo by Pg hj Mohd Heris Pg Mohammed with the Crew from Shazana's Production House.

5 Participants : Muhd. Ibrahim Aziz (Aziz1410), Haji Matzain bin Hj Menudin, Pg hj Mohd Heris Pg Mohammed, Hj Mohd Yussof bin Hj Tengah, Joseph Wong Siew Hang (was not in the photo).
Photo was capture in front of Rumah Panjang Kg. Melilas.

Good Luck for the participants that were chosen into the Finals...

Photographer Name : Aziz1410
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Aziz1410 Photography said...

Thanks bro... Will do...:) ur from sydney bro?

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